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Your electrical switchboard is at the very core of your home’s functionality. When everything’s working correctly, you have nothing to worry about. But when your switchboard is malfunctioning you could be left not only powerless but prone to real disasters. It’s not worth the risk.

Old and inadequate residential electrical switchboards can be dangerous. Ceramic fuses are not designed with the same level of safety as modern fuses. There’s less protection against high voltage frequencies that can damage valuable appliances. Your home itself could even be at risk if an electrical fire sparked.

A switchboard upgrade is highly recommended if you:

  • Have old ceramic fuses
  • Do not have a safety switch or RCD protection
  • Experience regular power outages
  • Suffer from frequent blown fuses
  • Have damaged wiring or a damaged switchboard

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    Upgrading to a brand new switchboard is the best way to avoid potential threats to your home. You can be sure that it is wholly compliant with modern regulations, including appropriate RCD protection. The various electrical circuits will also be neatly organised in a clutter-free environment

    If you’re unsure about the quality of your existing electrical switchboard, contact SES Electrical Services. We can discuss all replacement and upgrade options to ensure you receive the most appropriate solution.

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